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Our Saint Louis dentists want to make sure that patients suffering from tooth loss are able to not only function normally again, but also feel good about their smiles. There are a number of available restorative dentistry options from which you can benefit. Today we will be reviewing an increasingly popular tooth replacement treatment—the mini dental implant. In this article our Saint Louis mini dental implant dentists are answering your questions about this useful treatment.

Q: How are mini dental implants different from the regular dental implants that I’ve heard about?

A: Regular sized dental implants have thicker tooth roots than mini dental implants. As you may already know, all dental implants are inserted into jawbone tissue—this anchors the replacement tooth as a whole. The mini dental implant has a thinner implant root, which can fit in smaller spaces, and which is less disruptive for the bone tissue when it is inserted.

Q: What types of patients use mini dental implants?

A: Mini dental implants can be used like conventional dental implants as stand alone replacement teeth. However, mini dental implants are more often used in association with other tooth replacement treatments—like dentures. If you wear dentures, or if you would prefer dentures to dental implants, you may want our dentist to place a few mini dental implants to stabilize your dentures. These mini dental implants are capped with a small ball, which then fits into a socket space in your denture.

Mini dental implants are beneficial for a number of different types of patients—they may be the tooth replacement option you have been looking for! To get more information, and to schedule your consultation with our Saint Louis dental implant dentist, feel free to call our office or contact us online. We look forward to speaking with you!

If you are suffering from tooth loss, it is very important that you find a dental treatment to restore your smile. Living with tooth loss is unhealthy for your smile as a whole, and it also makes daily life much more difficult. One popular treatment option for missing teeth is the denture. This tried and true dental appliance will allow you to eat your favorite foods again, while restoring the appearance of your smile.

Now, you may have heard patients in the past complain that their dentures were not up to snuff. Some patients find that their dentures don’t fit well, while others are afraid that their dentures look fake. Our Saint Louis denture dentists understand these concerns, which is why we offer top-of-the-line Geneva 2000 dentures for our patients.

What sets Geneva 2000 dentures apart?

1. Construction

Geneva 2000 dentures are crafted from high-quality materials that hold up to the wear and tear of everyday life. Additionally, these dentures all have specially-crafted chewing surfaces, which help to keep the dentures comfortably in place when you eat.

2. Appearance

Your Geneva 2000 denture will be created with dental shapes that are specially selected to enhance your overall appearance. Not only are these dentures shaded to suit each individual patient, they are also crafted to blend with a patient’s natural teeth.

If you prefer some extra stability for your dentures, our dentist can secure your dentures with some strategically placed mini dental implants. We can give you more information about this treatment option at your consultation.

To get started restoring your smile with revolutionary Geneva 2000 dentures, please give our Saint Louis denture dentists a call to schedule your consultation. We are here to help you make the best decisions for the health and the appearance of your smile—so let’s get started!

More and more patients are choosing dental implants when they need to replace a tooth. Dental implants deliver exceptionally natural results that last for years, and the dental implant root serves as the foundation for this exceptional replacement tooth. Today our Saint Louis dental implant dentist is going to explain how exactly dental implant roots work to improve your smile.

The first thing that your dentist will do when placing your dental implant is to insert the titanium implant root into your jawbone. The implant root is basically a small titanium screw that, once inserted into your jawbone, fills the space of the natural tooth root.

The titanium root is essential for the appearance and the health of your smile.

Here are some of the ways that your dental implant root impacts your smile:

1. The titanium root stabilizes your entire dental implant

The other pieces of your dental implant—the abutment and restoration—are built vertically from your implant root. The implant root keeps your replacement tooth from shifting around when you chew or put pressure on your restoration.

2. The titanium root keeps your jawbone healthy

When you lose a tooth, your jawbone becomes much weaker, and you may experience jawbone deterioration. The titanium of your implant root actually bonds to your natural bone tissue. This bonding keeps your bone tissue strong and prevents deterioration.

3. The titanium root prevents your natural teeth from shifting

Again, when you lose a tooth prematurely, your entire smile is destabilized. If you do not replace your tooth, your natural teeth can move around. The titanium root prevents this dental shifting and destabilization.

As you can see, the dental implant root is a very important part of your replacement tooth. If you want to learn more about how dental implants work, please give our Saint Louis dental implant dentists a call to get the information you need!

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