Improve Dental Staining With Our Saint Louis Teeth Whitening Dentists

Written by Dr. Grayem on Nov 8, 2015

Dental staining and discoloration can put a real damper on your smile. Unfortunately, these issues are incredibly common among adult patients. The good news is that our Saint Louis cosmetic dentists offer the cosmetic treatments that you need to regain a bright and luminous smile, even after suffering from severe discoloration.

In this article we’ll be listing and reviewing some of these treatment options. As you look through this list, consider whether any of these solutions might work well for your smile!

If you want to lighten your natural dental enamel, professional dental whitening may be right for you. This treatment lifts stains from the surfaces of the patient’s teeth. Stains from foods and drinks, as well as tobacco stains, can be lightened by several shades—sometimes completely, with these potent whitening gels.

Let’s say that you have hard-to-treat staining, or you want to give your smile more of a total transformation, which will include whitening. In this case, porcelain Lumineers could meet your needs. These porcelain cosmetic pieces cover the entirety of the patient’s visible tooth. Lumineers are crafted from white and luminous porcelain, so they will completely cover stained dental enamel. But, don’t’ worry, we will shade the Lumineer to blend with your teeth; you don’t have to worry about the Lumineer looking too white.

If you have only one or two teeth that need to be brightened, dental bonding may be the right choice for you. This treatment option involves our dentist applying dental resin over your enamel. This treatment is quick and affordable.

When you are unhappy with the brightness and whiteness of your smile, our Saint Louis teeth whitening dentists are here to help you reclaim a smile that you truly love. So give us a call to get started—we have the treatments you need to brighten your teeth…and keep them that way!