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Saint Louis County Dental "All on 4" and "All on 6" Implant Smiles

Completely fixed and non-removable smiles that are almost like getting your original teeth back, but only more beautiful. *Saint Louis County Dental “All on 4”  or “All on 6” implant smiles* can be securely held in place by dental implants on the same day we place them. So whether we are removing your remaining teeth or if you are already wearing an existing denture, you can leave with a smile fixed in place by your new implants the same day.

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Why is it called “All on 4 or “All on 6”?

Most Saint Louis County Dental “All on 4” or “All on 6” Implant Smiles are anchored onto 4 or 6 titanium dental implants the same day the implants are placed. Although this can be your final smile, often this is just your temporary teeth while the bone fully heals around the implants and your gums heal from the extractions. Complete healing usually takes about 4 months and then we make your final implant smile to fit perfectly with your healed gums.

“I love, love, love my new implant smile!”

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Snap-In Implant Smiles

These are strong implants that your existing denture, or a new Life-Like Premium Denture, will snap onto and provide the firm hold necessary to smile, talk and eat with confidence.  The retention is so strong that we can remove the acrylic part of the upper denture that covers the palate. This can dramatically improve eating, tasting and speaking.  We also call this a Transitional Implant Smile because you have the option to transition from the snap in denture to a Saint Louis County Dental “All on 4” or “All on 6” Implant Smile in the future if desired. 

Implant Smiles can improve your health

Infection with your teeth and gums can be very harmful to your overall health. Studies have linked mouth inflammation and infection to numerous systemic diseases including cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Additionally, as we age our digestive systems don’t work as well as when we were young and quality chewing becomes increasingly important for the absorption of nutrients from our food.

Implant smiles are also not susceptible to tooth decay. As we get older our risk for cavities can increase due to dry mouth from aging and as a side effect from many medications. Less hand dexterity to properly brush and floss daily can also become a problem. These are no longer concerns with implant smiles, because there is nothing remaining that can decay. So removing bad teeth and getting a beautiful implant smile is more than just an improvement in your comfort and appearance; it also improves your overall health.

Why so many people trust our St. Louis dentist for dental implants:

Skills and Experience

Our doctors have over 50 years of combined dental implant experience and successfully placed thousands of dental implants. We have also partnered with some of the best lab technicians in the Midwest that work with us to deliver optimal results for our patients. We have the team and experience to provide our patients with the absolute best care available.

Compassionate Doctors and Staff

Our dental team treats you like family. It truly is our passion to help our patients, and we take great pride in our patient satisfaction and the quality of care with deliver.

Customize a Plan Specific to You

Since we do everything under one roof we can give you a variety of options that other places simply cannot. We are not only an implant center; we are not only a general cosmetic dental office; we are both, and that allows us to offer substantially more options for our patients. In our office we will discuss all of your available options with you, provide written treatment plans, and explain the pros, cons and costs with each option. Then, we’ll partner with you to find the right plan that fits your needs.

Conscious Sedation

Our doctors and staff have the experience and skills to rebuild your entire smile beautifully and painlessly. But, sometimes just the idea of dental work puts people’s stomach in knots and prevents them from getting the care they desperately need. Well, conscious sedation is here to help. Once you’re in an extremely relaxed state, we can safely do all your implants, crowns, root canals, bridges, extractions, dentures, fillings and/or cosmetic smile makeovers all in one comfortable visit! You may not remember much of the appointment but when the sedatives wear off you’ll have the smile you’ve always wanted!

We Are Saint Louis Proud

Our practice is locally owned and operated, and extremely proud to call Saint Louis home. We have been located in Saint Louis County for decades and we will be providing care for many decades to come.


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