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Sedation Dentist in St. Louis, MO

Are you so afraid of the dentist that you can’t even step in the door?

Fifty percent of Americans are afraid of the dentist, just like you—it is nothing to be ashamed of. One in seven Americans admits to suffering a paralyzing fear of the dentist. If you are one of them, there is a very good chance that you have been avoiding the dentist.

“Intense dental fear kept me from seeing a dentist for over a decade. I had a lot of dental problems in my mouth and they fixed it all in one amazing conscious sedation visit! I love my smile now and no longer have to be afraid of the dentist!”

Why do so many people come to St. Louis dentists Dr. Grayem, Dr. Bialecki, and Dr. Bruch for sedation dentistry?

A Dental Miracle Can Help!

There is new hope for people with anxiety about going to the dentist! Considered the most important breakthrough in dental patient comfort since Novocain and laughing gas, oral conscious sedation dentistry can help you get the treatment you need without unnecessary stress.

It’s Like a Dream Come True

It doesn't matter if it has been 5, 10, or even 20 years since your last dental visit. Years of avoidance and neglect can be erased in one or two pain-free, anxiety-free visits. Imagine this: you take a small pill before treatment, you get drowsy and quite relaxed and drift peacefully through the appointment. When it’s over, you feel as if no time has passed at all. Even though you were never unconscious, you can remember almost nothing of your appointment. A look in the mirror reveals the smile you've always dreamed of.

Our Dentists Are Experts

Dr. Grayem, Dr. Bialecki and Dr. Jillian Bruch received extensive specialized training in sedation. Only 1% of the dentists in the country are qualified to use oral conscious sedation dentistry, and patients come from all over the area to be treated using this comfortable, safe, and effective method.

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"[Grayem, Brace, and Associates] is the kindest, most comforting and compassionate dental office I have ever encountered. I will never fear the dentist again!" - Adela M.

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