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It certainly seems like a paradox that the time when a dental patient most needs guidance is also a time that is difficult to prepare for; I’m talking, of course, about the dental emergency. Whether you chip a tooth, lose a tooth, or sustain an injury to your oral tissues, the key to effective emergency treatment is quick thinking and timely treatment.

In today’s article our Saint Louis dentists will be giving you some additional information about how you can best care for your smile after a dental emergency. Keep reading to learn more!

Let’s say, for example, that you have a tooth knocked out. The number one goal is to be able to reinsert the natural tooth into the smile, so that it reattaches to the patient’s oral tissues. In order to facilitate this outcome, you want to:

· See a dentist as soon as possible after dental trauma—within an hour if you can

· Keep the tooth moist, and the tooth root viable until you can seek treatment

Ø If the tooth fits back into the tooth socket, gently hold it in place there until your appointment

Ø If the tooth does not easily and comfortably go back into the gum tissue, put the tooth in milk to preserve it—try not to clear off too much of the natural tooth root

Alternatively, if you chip a tooth, you simply want to see a dentist promptly so that he or she can rebuild your damaged enamel. You can keep the chipped away portion of your tooth in order to give the dentist an idea of your tooth’s previous natural dental shape.

If you are experiencing sensitivity due to the chip, use a cold compress to numb that area of your mouth. Do not put aspirin or another painkiller directly on the broken tooth. Limit the foods and drinks that come into contact with your damaged enamel.

Prior to dealing with a dental emergency, you want to make sure that you know who, exactly, you will call for professional care. Our Saint Louis dentists are always here to help—so just give us a call to learn more!

In many instances, the best way for our Saint Louis dentists to help patients achieve their dream smiles, is to combine useful treatments. There are certain treatments that are often employed in conjunction with one another—today we’ll be talking about some of these dental double whammies.

Dental whitening + Dental bonding

If you want to whiten your smile, professional dental whitening treatments can help you achieve full results quickly and affordably. However, some teeth are resistant to whitening formulations—that is where dental bonding comes into play.

Our dental team can whiten your smile as a whole with whitening treatments. Then, if you have damaged or persistently discolored teeth, we can cover these teeth with dental bonding, which I shaded to match your already whitened and brightened smile.

Dentures + Mini dental implants

This is a hugely exciting dental combo for patients suffering from tooth loss! While traditional dentures sat on top of the dental enamel, and were thus sometimes prone to shifting around, modern denture can actually be help permanently in place. Basically, our dental team uses small metal mini implant roots to attach the patient’s denture to his or her jawbone. Once the denture is in place, it stays in place 24/7/. We generally use about four mini implants to stabilize a full denture.

LUMINEERS + Dental implants

If you want to achieve a smile transformation, and you are currently missing teeth, you might choose to use LUMINEERS in conjunction with dental implants. LUMINEERS will cover your existing enamel, while dental implants will be used to replace individual teeth throughout the smile. The results are seamless and transformative.

Not sure what types of treatments might be right for your smile? That is why our Saint Louis dentists are here to help! Please feel free to call us, or use our website to reach our dental team, when you are ready to get started.

Our Saint Louis dentists understand that it can be difficult, and sometimes stressful, for people to find a dentist to their needs. Consequently, we do everything that we can to stay open and accessible to new patients. One of the things that we do in order to help new patients get to know our team is to offer a new patient special.

We actually offer two new patient offers from which you can choose.

· The first offer is full exam, with a cleaning and complete set of x-Rays for just $79.

· The second promotion is $1 custom teeth whitening, after the patient completes an exam and cleaning with x-Rays at the full fee.

These new patient promotions provide a number of benefits for potential dental patients:

· These special offers make it more affordable for people to come into our office and get high-quality dental treatments to help get their smiles back on track

· During your appointment you’re also able to get to know our dental team; you can ask us questions, and get a better idea of whether our office is a good fit for you!

· These appointments are also great opportunities for our dental team to assess the current state of your smile and give you some preliminary guidance about how you can move forward with your oral health plan

If you have been looking for a new dental team to help you reach your oral health goals, our Saint Louis dental team is happy to meet with you and give you all of the information that you need! Give our team a call in order to schedule your first consultation; you can also use our website—specifically the Contact Us page—to submit a question for our dentist. We look forward to speaking with you!

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