Learn More About Bad Breath And Treatment Options From Our Saint Louis Dentist

Written by Dr. Grayem on Feb 4, 2020

Temporary bad breath happens to everyone, and while it isn’t exactly a welcome addition to your day, it usually isn’t anything to worry about. If, however, you find that you are dealing with bad breath on a regular basis, and that it seems hard to keep your breath fresh, it may be time to talk to your dentist. 

Keep reading to learn more from our Saint Louis dentists about steps you can take to conquer hard-to-treat bad breath. 

An important thing to keep in mind is that chronic bad breath is often linked to oral health issues; harmful oral bacteria produce unpleasant odors as they proliferate and grow. So, getting a handle on bad breath is really about restoring oral health.

Improving your at-home oral hygiene routine

Because bacterial plaque develops in your mouth all day, every day, it is crucial that your daily dental care is robust enough to keep it from building up too much. The general recommendation from the American Dental Association is that you brush your smile morning and night, and floss every night.

Increase water consumption

Your body produces saliva in order to neutralize bacteria and re-mineralize dental enamel. If you are not drinking enough water, however, you may develop dry mouth, and bad breath as a result. 

Treat existing oral health conditions

If you have already developed cavities or gum disease, you probably won’t experience lasting relief from bad breath until these infections are treated by a professional. 

Take a look at your diet

Limiting your consumption of sugary and acidic substances will make it harder for bacteria to thrive in your mouth. When you do indulge, get into the habit of rinsing your smile with water as soon as you’re done.   

Simple steps can really make a big difference over time. Our Saint Louis dentists are happy to give you more information and guidance; get started by contacting our team for a personal consultation.