Brush Effectively and Efficiently With Support From Our Saint Louis Dentists

Written by Dr. Grayem on Jul 6, 2020

Many patients think that they are effectively cleaning their smiles, only to learn that there are simple changes that they can make to their routines in order to get more from their twice-daily brushes. That’s why our Saint Louis dentists put together this article full of things to tweak in your oral hygiene routine. 

It Starts With The Brush

Walking down the toothbrush aisle in your local supermarket or pharmacy, you’ll find a wide range of brush types available to you. As you weigh the pros and cons of different brushes, you really want to keep these two factors in mind:

  1. Brush size: the head of the toothbrush is the end to which the bristles are attached. You’ll find that they come in all kinds of shapes—some are more angular, while others are circular—and sizes. When it comes to cleaning your smile, size really does matter; you need to make sure that the brush head is small enough to reach your back molars and surrounding gum tissue.
  1. Bristle strength: modern toothbrushes are also made with different bristle strengths—ranging from soft to extra firm. In order to avoid gum tissue damage and enamel thinning you want to use the softest brush available without sacrificing efficacy. 

Use Proper Technique

  1. When you brush your smile, apply only gentle pressure for the entire time. You want to buff away plaque by using small circular motions on your teeth and gum tissue. Using too much force may cause enamel thinning and gum tissue recession.
  1. Brushing isn’t just for your teeth. Take the time to brush your tongue with toothpaste, and then rinse well.
  1. In order to maximize the efficacy of your cleaning routine, it’s paramount that you do it for two minutes every time you brush. It takes that long for you to completely clean your smile without using aggressive brushing and abrasive substances. 

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