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How you do feel when you look at your smile in the mirror? Confident? Attractive? Or maybe disappointed? Or frustrated? 

Our Saint Louis cosmetic dentists are here to help all of our patients develop positive associations when they see their smiles. And achieving attractive aesthetic results may be easier than you think… 

Kiss Damage Goodbye

The first step in any treatment process is to correct existing dental damage, so that it does not spread and become more severe. In many cases, oral health issues and aesthetic problems can be treated concurrently, with the same solution. Personalized restorations, for example, repair damaged teeth while making them look whole and healthy. 

Improve Alignment

Another common aesthetic goal among patients of all ages is a straight and seamless smile. Whether you are dealing with crowded teeth, bite irregularities, or large gaps in your smile, there are treatments available to help your smile appear straight and seamless. Orthodontic treatment, for example, moves your teeth over a period of time, while options like veneers cover visible enamel in order to resurface your smile.

Brighten And Whiten

Because healthy, young teeth are white and shiny, we associate luminous dental enamel with youth. If your teeth are looking dull, or if they have developed stains from foods, drinks, and tobacco products, now is the time to refresh your smile. Topical professional whitening treatments lift stains from your teeth, but you could alternatively choose to cover unattractive enamel with porcelain or composite restorations.

If you are unhappy with the current state of your smile for any reason, our Saint Louis dentists are here to help. You can always contact our team by giving us a call, or by using the Contact Us form on our website. You don’t have to live with an unattractive smile forever, and you don’t have to go through the treatment process alone! 

Ready to reclaim a healthy smile and improve dental aesthetics? Our Saint Louis dentists are here to help you achieve all of your dental health goals. Keep reading to get more information about how we restore smiles that have been damaged due to infection or trauma…

Clean & Refresh Your Smile

The first step in any treatment plan is a complete professional cleaning and oral health assessment. This step is so important because only once your smile is thoroughly cleaned can we really get pinpoint emerging oral health issues, disease, and decay. Additionally, our team does an oral cancer screening along with every cleaning.

Review Restorative Options

Once we know how and why your smile is damaged, we can start reviewing treatment options. Based on your specific situation, we may recommend that you move forward with any one of these treatments, or a combination thereof:

  • Dental Bonding—with this treatment our team uses composite resin to rebuild missing tooth portions, fill in cracks or chips, resurface unsightly enamel, close gaps between your teeth, and even make your smile appear better aligned.
  • Porcelain Restorations—dental crowns are affixed to teeth that have worn down, as well as teeth that have been treated for cavities. The crowns our team offers are high quality, custom-shaded ceramic restorations.
  • Dentures—this option is great for patients who need to replace many consecutive missing teeth at once. Dentures are molded to fit snugly over your gum and jawbone tissue so that you can speak and eat confidently.
  • Dental Implants—these state-of-the-art replacement teeth are held in place permanently by small titanium screws that extend from the restorations into the jawbone.
  • Implant Smiles—combining the best of denture and dental implant technology, Implant Smiles allows our team to use just a few strategically placed implant roots to hold a full denture in place.

As you can see, there are a number of health-restoring treatments available to you. When you meet with our Saint Louis dentists, we will be able to give you a better idea of what type of treatment may meet your needs. Give us a call to get started!

No matter what type of oral health problem you’re dealing with—from missing teeth to cracked enamel to gum disease—our Saint Louis dentists are here to help you restore and even rebuild your smile. Here are some of the treatments and technologies that we utilize to help our patients overcome oral health issues:

  • Root canal therapy: timely root canal treatment can literally save a tooth that would otherwise fall out or need to be pulled. Our dentist will go into the core of the tooth, to the dental pulp and nerves, and clear away this sensitive and vulnerable material. Once we have sterilized the remaining portions of your tooth we place a custom restoration, so that your smile looks natural and functions well.
  • Custom crowns: when a tooth becomes infected or damaged, our team uses high-quality restorations to rebuild missing portions of the affected tooth. The crowns we use are shaded to match your smile and shaped to resemble the contours of your natural teeth.
  • Dentures: these dental prostheses are designed to replace many consecutive teeth. Traditional dentures sit on top of your gum tissue; the base of a removable denture is molded to fit snugly over your gum and jawbone tissue.
  • Dental implants: individual implant replacement teeth are permanently embedded in a patient’s jawbone with titanium roots, which fill the spaces where natural tooth roots used to sit. 
  • Implant Smiles: our team uses implant roots in combination with dentures to permanently replace a number of teeth at once. A huge advantage of Implant Smiles treatment is that a full upper or lower denture can be secured with only a few mini dental implant roots.

If there is one thing that you take away from this article, let it be the reassuring truth that no smile is “too far gone” or “beyond health.” To learn more, please feel free to reach out to our Saint Louis dentists to schedule a personal consultation.


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