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Ready to take your smile to the next level? Well our Saint Louis cosmetic dentist office is here to provide you with all of the cosmetic care that you need. Every patient is unique, so your exact aesthetic needs will likely vary from what other patients need. Today we’ll be talking about some general categories of cosmetic treatment. Review this list, think about what you envision for your smile, and then talk to you dentist about making your dream a reality.

First, think about whether you want to move any of your teeth (or use Lumineers to make it appear as though your teeth have moved). Common cosmetic complaints that fit into this category include:

· Teeth that are too far apart

· Teeth that are crowded

· Overbites

· Underbites

· Crossbites

· Smiles that are narrow (and thus do not fill all of the horizontal space in the mouth when the patient smiles)

Also consider whether you want to make any changes to your gum tissue.

· Simply treating periodontal disease will reduce redness and swelling in your gum tissue, as well as preventing bleeding gum tissue

· If you have overhanging gum tissue, or oddly shaped gum borders, our dental team can refine these to improve the appearance of your overall smile

The shade of your smile also makes a big difference. Our dental team provides treatments that lighten natural enamel, as well as dental restorations that cover stained teeth.

As you can see, there are many ways that our dental team can help you rejuvenate your smile. Our friendly dental team can give you more information about how each dental treatment works. Just call our Saint Louis cosmetic dentist office and schedule a personal consultation with our team—after we assess your smile we’ll be able to give you a better idea of what will be best for your dental health.

If you are missing multiple natural teeth, you need to seek out high-quality restorative dental treatments in order to reclaim your smile. Replacement teeth not only make your smile look whole again, they also help you maintain a strong and healthy smile after tooth loss.

The specific combination of restorative treatments that is right for you will depend on a number of factors, including:

· Current dental health

· Ideal treatment timeline

· Number of missing teeth

· Desired level of daily maintenance for replacement teeth

Our Saint Louis dentist office has found that many patients enjoy exceptional results when they combine dentures with mini dental implants. Let’s learn more about how this treatment option works.

Dentures are replacement teeth that sit on top of the patient’s gum tissue. Your denture will have a base, which is molded to fit your gum tissue and jawbone. Your dentures will thus “suction” into place when placed on top of your gums. Some patients are happy with the level of stability they achieve from custom-fit dentures and dental adhesive.

However, many people want their dentures to feel even more secure—this is where mini dental implants come into play. By inserting just a few, strategically placed mini dental implants, our dental team will lock your dentures into place. Each mini dental implant will be capped with a specially crafted restoration. We will then retrofit the base of your dentures so that your dentures snap into place over these restorations. Consequently, your dentures will be firmly in place when you eat, speak, and smile.

Our Saint Louis dentures dentist office is here to give you all of the information that you need about how you can repair your smile after dental trauma and tooth loss. Contact our dental team by phone, or through our website, in order to get started.

Our Saint Louis cosmetic dentists see many adult patients who want to achieve white, young looking smiles. Our dental team has a number of tips for these patients, and today we are sharing this information with you!

What you can do to keep your smile as bright as possible at home:

· Brush at least twice a day

· Floss at least once a day

· Rinse your mouth after you brush and floss your teeth

· Rinse your mouth with water right after you consume staining substances

· Avoid staining substances as much as possible—some common discoloring substances include coffee, soda, red wine, tea, chocolate, deep/rich sauces, and all tobacco products

· When you do eat something that stains your teeth, try not to sip or snack on it for a long period of time, as this allows the staining particles to sit on your dental enamel for a longer period of time

If you are already battling existing dental discoloration, there are still things that you can do refresh your smile. For example:

· Schedule a professional dental cleaning—you may be surprised at how much brighter your smile can look after a high-quality dental cleaning

· Explore professional teeth whitening treatments—these treatments lift stains from the dental enamel in a short period of time

· Talk to your dentist about LUMINEERS if you are having trouble whitening your smile with dental hygiene measures and professional whitening treatments. Because LUMINEERS cover the patient’s dental enamel, they can completely mask and cover stained teeth.

As always, our Saint Louis cosmetic dentist is here to answer any questions you may have about your dental options—including teeth whitening treatments! Please call our dental office, or submit a question for our dental team through our website, in order to get started right away.

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