The Intricacies of Lumineers Explained By Our Saint Louis Lumineers Dentist

Written by Dr. Grayem on May 19, 2015

As more and more patients realize that cosmetic dentistry can transform smiles, our Saint Louis cosmetic dentists are fielding more and more questions about Lumineers. That’s why we have put together this primer on how Lumineers work, and whom they can help.

Dental Lumineers are cosmetic restorations. They are crafted from a type of porcelain called Cerinate porcelain. Cerinate porcelain is specifically designed to be strong and beautiful.

In order to transform your smile, our dentist will:

1. Assess your smile to make sure that your entire mouth is strong enough to support Lumineers. Because Lumineers are attached to your natural teeth, we need to make sure that your dental structure is strong and free of cavities before we undergo cosmetic treatment.

2. Craft your Lumineers to your exact specifications. Once we decide that Lumineers are the right fit for you, we’ll start to think about what shape, size, and color your cosmetic restorations should be. The great news is that Lumineers are totally customizable, so you can achieve the natural looking smile that you want.

3. Fit and place our Lumineers over your natural teeth. The great thing about Lumineers is that they are even thinner than traditional cosmetic veneers. This means that our dentist does not need to file away very much of your enamel in order to successfully place a Lumineer. Our team will place your Lumineer over the relevant tooth, ensure that it fits well and looks great, and then bond it into place.

Once Lumineer treatment is complete, you will be able to jump back into your normal routine right away. With Lumineers you can eat your favorite foods and drink your favorite drinks. To care for your smile, you’ll brush and floss in accordance with your dentist’s recommendations.

Want to learn more about cosmetic Lumineers? Our Saint Louis Lumineer dentists are here to help!