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Lumineers® in St. Louis, MO

Are your teeth looking damaged or discolored?

Refresh your smile with noninvasive porcelain Lumineers®!

Lumineers® are a quick and painless cosmetic option for patients who want to perfect their smile. Made of thin layers of porcelain (about as thick as a contact lens) Lumineers® are attached directly to natural enamel. With Lumineers® you can:

Additionally Lumineers® are:

  • Permanently whiten the appearance of dark teeth
  • Close gaps between teeth
  • Make misaligned teeth appear straighter
  • Correct the appearance of damaged dental enamel

Lumineers® deliver exceptionally attractive, natural looking results—they’re customized to suit each individual patient. And with Lumineers® most patients can achieve a stunning smile in only 2 appointments!

Why do so many patients choose our St. Louis dentists for Lumineers®?

Perfect Your Smile with Personalized Treatment

Your Lumineers® will be crafted to suit your unique smile and dental goals. Porcelain Lumineers® are shaped, shaded, and sized to meet your needs. For example, Lumineers® can be used to whiten your entire smile, or they can be shaded to blend with your existing teeth. No matter what your dental situation, Lumineers® can be customized to fit you!

Treatment to Fit Your Timeline

With Lumineers® you can achieve the smile you’ve been dreaming of in no time—most patients can have their Lumineers® placed in just 2 appointments! With Lumineers® you won’t have to worry about wearing temporary crowns while you wait for your final restorations. And if you’re on a schedule for a special event, talk to our cosmetic team—we’re happy to work with your timetable.

Health-Conscious, Conservative Treatment

Unlike other treatments, Lumineers® don’t require significant destruction of healthy tooth structure. Lumineers® are so thin that they are placed over existing teeth—they don’t require dental drilling, shots, or enamel destruction. Lumineers® transform the appearance of your smile while preserving the strength and integrity of your teeth.

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