Saint Louis LUMINEERS Dentist Explains What Kinds of Dental Problems LUMINEERS Can Correct

Written by Dr. Grayem on Jun 4, 2013

Do your teeth need a little refreshing and rejuvenation? Whether you want to straighten crooked teeth or lighten dull dental enamel, dental LUMINEERS may be able to help you reach your goals. Today our Saint Louis LUMINEERS dentists are talking about the different cosmetic problems that our office corrects with LUMINEERS. Do you see yourself on this list?

Crooked Teeth

Most patients think that they need to go through orthodontic treatment in order to straighten the appearance of their teeth—not so! LUMINEERS can be used to resurface your misaligned teeth, making your entire smile appear straight.

Dull or Stained Dental Enamel

LUMINEERS can also be used to lighten the appearance of a dark or discolored smile. If conventional teeth whitening treatments are not effective for your teeth, you may want to use LUMINEERS to cover dark enamel—your smile will appear white and luminous again.

Damaged Dental Enamel

LUMINEERS are often used to cover damaged dental enamel. Small cracks and chips in your teeth can make your smile appear worn and old. Because LUMINEERS completely cover the enamel surface, they hide dental damage very well.

Gaps Between Teeth

You could use orthodontic treatment to close gaps between your teeth. However, many patients prefer to close these gaps with LUMINEERS, because this treatment delivers results much faster than orthodontic treatment.

If you have one, or multiple, of these problems, LUMINEERS may be able to help you get the perfected smile you want. One advantage of LUMINEERS over other individual treatments—such as teeth whitening and orthodontic treatment—is that, as a patient, you can save time and money by fixing multiple cosmetic problems at once with LUMINEERS.

Do you want to learn more? Call our Saint Louis LUMINEERS dentist office to get started! We will help you assess, and ultimately choose, the cosmetic dentistry treatment that is right for your smile, specifically.