Saint Louis Lumineers Dentist Achieves the Aesthetic of Orthodontics Without Using Braces

Written by Dr. Grayem on May 20, 2014

Many patients who come into our Saint Louis cosmetic dentist office want to perfect their smiles: make their teeth look straighter, more refined, and balanced. Orthodontic treatment has traditionally helped patients to achieve these goals. However, not all patients want to deal with the time and inconvenience that come along with traditional braces. That is why our dentists are so happy to offer patients the option of cosmetic Lumineers. Let’s learn more about how Lumineers can perfect smiles.

Lumineers—thin porcelain restorations that our dentist adheres over a patient’s natural teeth—can give your smile a post-orthodontic treatment appearance without the inconveniences that accompany traditional braces.

With Lumineers our dentist is able to:

· Eliminate gaps between poorly spaced teeth

· Make misaligned teeth appear smoother and straighter

· Give the overall smile a wider and more balanced appearance

· Refine teeth that jut out from the smile

The placement process for Lumineers is much faster and more comfortable than orthodontic treatment. Our dental team will attach your custom-crafted Lumineers to your natural teeth in order to give your smile a new look. This process can usually be completed in just three dental appointments.

Plus, the placement process is surprisingly comfortable for the patient. Because Lumineers are very thin, our dental team does not need to shave away healthy tooth structure in order to make the restoration fit (as is necessary for veneers). This conservative cosmetic treatment gives you the smile that you want without unnecessary stress and discomfort.

Our Saint Louis Lumineers dentists can give you more information about Lumineers treatment, and help you determine whether this treatment will work for you. Our dental team can also help you weigh your various treatment options. So give us a call to get started—we look forward to working with you!