Learn More About Transformative Lumineers From Our Saint Louis Cosmetic Dentist

Written by Dr. Grayem on Sep 29, 2015

Increasingly, cosmetic dentistry patients are looking for treatments that no only deliver exceptional results, but do so in a short period of time. Our Saint Louis cosmetic dentists have found, time and time again, that dental Lumineers are very effective on both of these fronts.

How do cosmetic Lumineers work?

Rather than transforming your natural dental enamel, Lumineers are used to cover teeth. Lumineers are crafted from porcelain, and porcelain looks like enamel, so the finished Lumineer has the appearance of a natural tooth.

Every Lumineer is customized to fit the patient—from the shape of the restoration, to the size, to the color. Our dentist attaches the porcelain Lumineer to the patient’s natural dental enamel, and allows the dental adhesive to cure. Once the adhesive has set, the Lumineer is permanently in place. As a patient, you can eat, speak, drink, and smile naturally with your new Lumineer, right away. You even care for your Lumineer by brushing and flossing, just as you do for natural teeth.

Because Lumineers are so customizable, our dental team can use them individually, to resurface just one tooth, or we can use a series of Lumineers to recover whole portions of your smile. How you use Lumineers is up to you—we’ll take into account the current appearance of your smile, your dental health needs, and any other restorative treatments you have previously undergone.

One amazing thing about Lumineers is that it takes only two or three dental appointments for our dental team to craft and place your cosmetic restorations. This is truly one of the fastest ways that you can achieve a total smile transformation.

Ready to learn more? Our Saint Louis Lumineers dentists are here to walk you through the Lumineers treatment process step by step. We look forward to speaking with you!