Are LUMINEERS For You? Our Saint Louis Cosmetic Dentists Help You Decide

Written by Dr. Grayem on May 15, 2018

If you’re looking for a cosmetic dentistry treatment that really works, and that delivers results quickly, the LUMINEERS may be the perfect solution for you. Today, our Saint Louis LUMINEER dentists are giving you some more information about what this treatment can do, and how it works—let’s get started! 

The basic premise of LUMINEER treatment is quite simple: our dentist uses thin porcelain restorations to cover the patient’s natural dental surface. The result is a tooth that appears blemish free and attractive. You might choose to LUMINEERS if you want to: 

  • Improve the appearance of slightly misaligned teeth
  • Cover dark or stained enamel with a white and bright finish
  • Close gaps between your teeth
  • Lengthen the appearance of short teeth
  • Cover damaged or irregularly textured enamel

One reason that so many people choose LUMINEERS is that this treatment process can be completed in a short period of time. You’ll come in for an initial appointment, during which our dentist will prep your tooth, and take an impression. We’ll then use this impression to create your LUMINEERS. Once the LUMINEERS are made, you’ll come back in, and we will fit them to your smile, and bond them permanently in place.

Because LUMINEERS are so thin, we likely won’t have to shave away much of your natural dental structure in order to ensure a good fit. In this way, LUMINEERS are less invasive than traditional veneers; in fact, the treatment is reversible for many patients.

You have many options when it comes to improving your smile with cosmetic dentistry. If you want to learn more about these treatment, or LUMINEERS specifically, please feel free to reach out to our Saint Louis cosmetic dentists for more information. You can give us a call at the office, or use the Contact Us page on our website to submit an inquiry for our team.