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Sedation Dentistry in Saint Louis Helps Patients Overcome Dental Fear

It is very common for both pediatric and adult dental patients to avoid dental treatment because they are afraid or anxious. This can be absolutely devastating for the patient’s smile—that is why our Saint Louis sedation dentists provide sedation treatments to put people at ease.

Some people feel dental fear and anxiety because:

· They had negative dental experiences in the past—sometimes people develop a fear of the dentist in childhood, because they underwent stressful pediatric dental treatments

· They associate dental treatment with pain and discomfort—fear of pain can keep patients out of the dental chair for years

· They don’t like to feel “out of control” in the dentist’s chair—some people feel like they are incapacitated in the dental chair, and this makes them anxious

The good news is that sedation dentistry can help with every one of these issues. Oral conscious sedation actually helps you feel calm before you even come into our office; you’ll simply take a pill before you come in so that you can start to relax.

Once you are under the effects of oral conscious sedation you will feel very relaxed, and you won’t be bothered by the sights and sounds of dental treatment. Plus, when using oral conscious sedation, as the name implies, you are never actually unconscious. While you’ll be able to communicate with our dental team throughout the treatment process, you likely won’t remember any of it post-appointment, because oral conscious sedation has beneficial amnesiac effects. The effects of oral conscious sedation wear off naturally shortly after treatment.

Don’t let fear and anxiety keep you from achieving the healthy and beautiful smile that you have been dreaming of. Our Saint Louis dentists can give you all of the information that you need—just give our office a call to get started!

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