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So many people are going through their lives, struggling to feel awake and revitalized everyday. They are suffering from obstructive sleep apnea—but they have no idea! Our Saint Louis Sleep Apnea dentist office is here to help you recognize the symptoms of sleep apnea in your own life. If you think that you are suffering from sleep apnea at night, let your dentist know right away!

Now, sleep apnea is historically difficult to diagnose, because it presents when the patient is asleep. Patients with sleep apnea have their airways block by oral tissues as they sleep. When your airway is blocked, your body is not getting enough oxygen. Once your oxygen levels dip low enough, your body will jolt itself awake in order to restart breathing.

Some of the most recognizable symptoms of sleep apnea happen in the night, and are pretty disruptive.

· Loud snoring due to an obstructed airway may disturb both you and your sleep partner. Sleep apnea treatment will help you alleviate the root cause of sleep apnea and the annoying snoring that accompanies it.

· When your body restarts its breathing process, you may wake up momentarily. Some patients actually wake up gasping or choking for air, because their oxygen levels are so low.

Subtler sleep apnea symptoms include:

· Chronic fatigue and exhaustion—because sleep apnea disrupts your healthy sleep pattern, you may feel tired upon waking and throughout the day.

· Disrupted, poor-quality sleep can also cause you to suffer from painful headaches.

If you notice any of these sleep apnea symptoms in your own life, give our Saint Louis sleep apnea dentist office a call to get the treatment you need. The sooner that you seek treatment from a dentist, the better your long-term prognosis, and the faster you can regain a restful night’s sleep!

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