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Saint Louis Denture Dentist Explains How Dentures Have Advanced

Tooth loss can be a devastating problem for dental patients—devastating both in terms of aesthetics and oral health. Dentures have been used to treat tooth loss for centuries, but, as you’d imagine, the dentures are today are very different than historical dentures.

Today our Saint Louis dentures dentists are going to be reviewing some of the recent innovations in denture technology. As you’ll discover, dentures now deliver better results than ever before.

A denture is an oral prosthetic that replaces consecutive missing teeth. The denture has a base with replacement teeth attached to it. The base is designed to look like natural gum tissue, so that it blends with your existing oral tissues.

The dentures that we provide to our patients are quite advanced because they are:

Completely customizable

When we create dentures for our patients, we make sure that these dentures fit them in every way. The color the denture will enhance the patient’s aesthetics, and even the sizes and shapes of replacement teeth will be personalized to suit the patient. Consequently, patients can now enjoy smiles that look stunning and natural, even after tooth loss.

Improved stability

In order for dentures to function well in your life they need to be stable and reliable. The dentures that we design for our patients have customized bases that fit comfortably over the patient’s gum tissue. Additionally, our dentists can actually permanently embed your dentures in your jawbone using mini dental implant roots. You’ll discover that your dentures feel and look natural—and are simple to care for!

If you want to learn more about all of your tooth replacement options, including dentures, please call our Saint Louis dentists. We can explain the pros and cons of different treatments, and help you choose a solution that is perfect for you.

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