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Saint Louis Dental Implant Dentist Helps You Understand The Stability Of Dental Implants

As soon as you lose a tooth—from an accident, an infection, or long-term structural deterioration—you need to start looking for a restorative dental treatment to repair your smile. You will learn much more about the different tooth replacement options as you move through this process, but today we are going to start talking about one of the most popular replacement tooth options—the dental implant.

People of all ages are loving dental implants because implants provide a ton of stability for the patient’s smile. What does this mean? Keep reading to learn more from our Saint Louis dental implant dentists

1. Creates a stable replacement tooth

Every dental implant is grounded into the patient’s jawbone with a titanium implant root. So once your replacement tooth is inserted, it will stay firmly in place for years. Our dental implant patients report that these replacement teeth feel so stable that they seem just like natural teeth!

2. Supports overall oral structure

Not only do dental implants create strong individual replacement teeth, but they also help to keep your entire smile stable after tooth loss. The truth is that once a patient has lost a tooth, he or she is susceptible to further dental damage. The hole in your smile can cause your other natural teeth to shift around and become unstable. The dental implant root works to fill the space where your real tooth used to sit, and thus help to preserve your existing smile.

Dental implants are actually good for your overall smile. Plus, these replacement teeth feel and look natural, and are simple to care for. It’s easy to see why so many people choose dental implants when it comes time to restore missing teeth.

If you want more information about your restorative dental options, please feel free to call our Saint Louis dental implant dentist office. We are here to help you reclaim a strong and stunning smile!

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