Dental Implants

Are you hiding your smile because of unsightly gaps from missing teeth?

Sick and tired of living with uncomfortable, ill-fitting dentures?

Reclaim your strong, stunning smile with dental implants!

Dental implants are a permanent solution to missing teeth. These artificial teeth are anchored directly into the bone with titanium rods. Eventually the bone and rods fuse together and the gum grows naturally around the implant. Dental implants offer increased stability and permanence compared to dentures and bridges. They are also natural-looking, and they allow you to eat your favorite foods and speak with confidence again!

Why do so many patients trust City dentist Dr. Name for dental implants?

Regain Your Smile and Your Life

Dental implants will allow you to eat, drink, and speak with ease. They are comfortable, unobtrusive, and gorgeous! We can restore your smile by replacing missing teeth with durable, natural-looking dental implants.

Premier Comfort

Patient comfort is our number one priority—we’ll treat you like part of the family. Our accommodating staff will make your dental implant treatment as soothing and stress-free as possible. We also offer sedation services for your comfort and relaxation.

New Patient Certificate!

$79 exam! Includes complete x-rays and routine cleaning (a $400 value).

Or $1 custom teeth whitening with new patient exam, complete x-rays, and cleaning at full fee (a $400 value)

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