Wondering About Sedation Dentistry? Our Saint Louis Dentist Have The Information You Need

Written by Dr. Grayem on Feb 3, 2017

If you are one of the many people who regularly avoids dental care, our Saint Louis dentists encourage you to see your dentist to get back on track! One thing that may be able to help you get the dental treatment that you need is sedation dentistry. If you want to learn more about sedation treatment, keep reading this quick overview from our dental team!

Dental fear and anxiety is surprisingly common among dental patients of all ages. Some people have had negative dental experiences in the past, and that makes them more hesitant to pursue dental treatment currently. Others are uncomfortable in the dentist’s chair, because they feel like they don’t have control over what’s happening to them. The good news is that sedation dentistry is designed to help people overcome these problems.

Our dental team offers oral conscious sedation treatment, which is both effective and patient-friendly. The oral conscious sedation process is quite simple; about an hour before your dental appointment you will take a dentist-prescribed pill. This pill makes you feel calm and untroubled before you even get to our office—just keep in mind that you will need someone to drive you to our office as you will be under the effects of sedation.

Oral conscious sedation is so popular because it:

· Is completely needle-free

· Is useful for patients who have dental anxiety that usually prevents them even making it to the office for their appointments

· Has amnesic effects, which mean you likely won’t remember any of the treatment process once you get home

· Never actually renders the patient unconscious—you’ll be able to respond to our dental team throughout your appointment

Our Saint Louis sedation dentists have seen firsthand how helpful relaxation dentistry is for many different types of dental patients. To learn more and to schedule a consultation with our dental team, please give us a call!