St. Louis Dentist Talks About How Beverages Affect Your Smile

Written by Dr. Grayem on Jul 19, 2022

All day, every day, we make small decisions that make big differences to our smiles. Today our St Louis dentists are going to be sharing information about how various beverages impact oral health. As you’ll see, you can support oral health by paying attention to what you put in your cup…


Plain old H2O is without a doubt the best beverage for your smile—aesthetically and in terms of health. Water jump-starts your body’s ability to produce oral-health boosting saliva, and water doesn’t contain any sugars. The temperature of the water you consume doesn’t make a difference in terms of oral health, but you may notice temporary discomfort when consuming especially cold or hot drinks. 


Moving from the best to the worst—carbonated soft drinks can wreak havoc on your oral health over time. Many of these tasty drinks are loaded with sugar. The oral bacteria in your mouth love to feed on these sugars and use them to grow and multiply. Additionally, soft drinks are quite acidic; consequently, they temporarily soften and weaken dental enamel. So, drinking a soda provides nutrients for harmful oral bacteria while simultaneously weakening your smile’s natural defensive structures.


We often think of fruit juices as healthy drinks, but the truth is that they are also acidic and full of sugar. This is why it’s best to consume fruit juices in moderation, and over relatively short periods of time. Don’t for example, sip on orange juice all day, as this softens enamel.

Coffee & Tea  

Both coffee and tea contain antioxidants, which may be able to help you maintain a healthy smile. However, these beverages are highly discoloring, due to the fact that they contain tannins. This is why it’s important to consume these beverages in moderation, and to rinse your smile with water after you finish your morning cup of joe or tea.

So, there you have it! If you have any additional questions about choosing oral health-supporting beverages, our St Louis dentists are here to help you. Give our team a call, or use our Contact Us page to get started!