Saint Louis Sleep Apnea Dentist Reviews Why Patients Should Treat Sleep Apnea Promptly

Written by Dr. Grayem on May 14, 2013

Many patients think of Sleep Apnea as an annoying condition that causes patients to snore and wake up occasionally in the night. While Sleep Apnea does certainly cause these disruptive symptoms, it can actually lead to much more serious health issues if left untreated. Read on to learn more from our Saint Louis sleep apnea dentist office…

Obstructive sleep apnea can silently harm your body if it is left untreated for years. This condition is characterized by disrupted breathing patterns as a patient sleeps during the night. Oral tissues fall in the airway, and prevent the body from absorbing oxygen efficiently.

If this problem isn’t corrected, patients will begin to notice changes in the way they feel everyday. Sleep apnea patients…

Experience fatigue and exhaustion during the day. Sleep apnea disrupts your sleep cycle, preventing you from getting the quality, restful night’s sleep you need. Sleep apnea patients feel tired during the day, and experience memory and critical thinking problems due to fatigue.

Have a higher risk of suffering from cardiovascular problems. When your airway is obstructed, the oxygen levels in your blood drop and strain your cardiovascular system. This leads to elevated blood pressure and potentially heart problems, so it’s vital that you find an effective treatment for sleep apnea as quickly as possible.

Often suffer from chronic headaches. The strain that sleep apnea puts on your body combined with inadequate sleep lead to chronic sleep apnea-related headaches. These headaches are debilitating for some patients—affecting daily functioning.

Don’t wait to get the treatment you need. If you notice that you’re suffering from some sleep apnea symptoms, let your dentist know right away. Our Saint Louis sleep apnea dentists are here to walk you through the treatment options and help you find sleep apnea relief. Give us call to get started today—your body will thank you!