Saint Louis Sleep Apnea Dentist Educates People About the Problems of Chronic Sleep Apnea

Written by Dr. Grayem on May 14, 2014

Saint Louis Sleep Apnea Dentist Educates People About the Problems of Chronic Sleep Apnea

It is crucial for all patients to get high-quality sleep in order to feel happy and energized the next day. Unfortunately, conditions like sleep apnea prevent people from filling their sleep quotient. That is why our Saint Louis sleep apnea dentist office is so committed to helping patients neutralize sleep apnea and achieve healthy sleep cycles.

In its earliest stages, sleep apnea will cause sleep deprivation, headaches, and chronic fatigue. If this condition goes untreated, however, it will only intensify and become more harmful for the patient. Some key early signs of sleep apnea include:

· Loud and persistent snoring

· Gasping or choking awake at night

· Headaches upon waking

· Head and neck tension

· Dry mouth upon waking

· Fatigue

As sleep apnea progresses, you may continue to notice these early signs of sleep apnea, while suffering from more serious health problems. Long-term untreated sleep apnea has been shown to increase a patient’s likelihood of experiencing:

· Heart disease

· Stroke

· High blood pressure

· Diabetes

· Memory deficiencies

· Chronic, debilitating fatigue

· Asthma

The sooner that patients seek effective treatments for sleep apnea problems, the better their prognoses. The good news is that there are now easy-to-use alternatives to the traditional CPAP sleep apnea machine.

Our Saint Louis sleep apnea dentist office, for example, helps patients achieve healthy and restorative sleep by using small, unobtrusive oral appliances. The patient simply wears his or her custom-crafted appliance before he or she goes to sleep. The mouthpiece helps the patient’s mouth stay in a healthy position that keep the airway unblocked.

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