Saint Louis Sedation Dentist Some Top Reasons To Pursue Relaxation Dentistry

Written by Dr. Grayem on Nov 18, 2014

If you have been considering pursuing sedation dentistry as part of your regular dental care, then this article is for you. Today our Saint Louis sedation dentists are running through some of the key reasons that people decide to incorporate sedation measures into their preventative and restorative dental treatments. We hope that this explanation helps you get a better idea of what sedation is capable of.

Sedation treatment helps a patient feel generally calm and confident in the dentist’s chair. Sedation, as a dentistry tool, therefore, is beneficial in a number of different real world situations.

Dental Phobic People

Some people are just scared of going to the dentists. They may experience a sense of dread or anxiety when it comes time to simply schedule a cleaning. Some of these dental patients have had negative past experiences with dentistry, while others dislike the feeling of “not being in control” while they are being worked on.

Sedation treatments—especially oral conscious sedation—are remarkably effective for these anxious patients. Oral conscious sedation allows people to drift through dental care, and all they have to do is take small pill before they even come into the office.

Patients Who Want Smile Transformations

People with lengthy of multi-phased treatment plans can also improve their dental experiences by using sedation treatments. Most of the time, our dental team is able to work longer, and thus finish more treatments, in one appointment when the patient is sedated. Because the sedative prevents the patient from physically tensing up during treatment, the patient becomes less fatigued as treatment goes on.

Every dental patient is different, so the best way to determine whether you might benefit from sedation dentistry is to contact our Saint Louis sedation dentists. We have the answers to your questions and the information that you need!