Saint Louis Sedation Dentist Provides Q and A About Oral Conscious Sedation

Written by Dr. Grayem on Mar 7, 2016

Our Saint Louis dentists truly believe that every person deserves to have a healthy and attractive smile. Unfortunately, many adult dental patients avoid necessary preventive and restorative dental treatment because they suffer from dentistry-related fear and anxiety.

Our dental team is committed to helping patients overcome these issues. One tool that we use to ease dental fear and anxiety is oral conscious sedation. Keep reading below to learn more about how this innovative relaxation treatment works!

Q: I’m afraid of needles! What am I going to do?

A: One great thing about oral conscious sedation is that in order to start feeling calming effects, all you need to do is to take a small pill. This pill goes to work making you feel calm, confident, and comfortable.

Q: I can’t even get my dental appointment; I experience too much anxiety. How am I going to receive oral conscious sedation?

A: The small pill that our dental team prescribes is actually a pill that you will take at home, about an hour before your treatment is scheduled to begin. This means that you’ll start to feel the sedative effects before you even walk into our office. Keep in mind this does mean that you will need someone to transport you to your appointment.

Q: What kinds of patients use oral conscious sedation?

A: Oral conscious sedation is often used for patients with existing dental anxiety, as well as people who are worried about experiencing pain in the dentist’s chair. This relaxation option is also great for dental patients who are undergoing lengthy or multiple dental treatments in one sitting.

The best way to determine whether or not oral conscious sedation can help you is to call our Saint Louis dentists to schedule a consultation. Don’t let dental anxiety keep you from getting your dream smile—we can help!