Saint Louis Root Canal Dentist Talks About The Basics Of Root Canal Therapy

Written by Dr. Grayem on Apr 27, 2021

Root canal therapy has certainly developed a reputation among dental patients. However, the reality of undergoing root canal therapy is much less dramatic and disruptive than you may think. Here is so helpful information on root canal treatment, from our Saint Louis root canal dentists:

Why Do People Need Root Canals?

Root canal therapy is all about treating to the core—the root—of a damaged tooth. When your tooth is so deeply damaged that the dental pulp and roots are affected, our dentists use root canal therapy to save much of the remaining healthy tooth structure as possible. 

What Is The Root Canal Process Like?

During the first stage of treatment our dentist will pinpoint the location and extent of dental damage. We’ll talk to you about what types of sedation or numbing agents are available to keep you comfortable. Many patients are surprised to discover that root canal therapy can be as comfortable and straightforward as having a normal filling.

During root canal therapy, our dentist will clear away any infected or damaged dental enamel and dentin. Then, we clear out the dental pulp, which contains tissues and nerves from the core of the tooth. We are getting rid of the vulnerable, “living” parts of your tooth. Then, we are able to fill and restore the remaining tooth structure.

What Should I Do First?

If you notice any drastic or unwelcome changes to your smile—including changes in tooth color, tooth shape, and discomfort, schedule an assessment with your dental team.

If you suspect that you have severe dental damage, we encourage you to reach out to your dental team for an assessment and further treatment. Here are some common symptoms of advanced damage:

  • pain and discomfort
  • brown or gray spots on the tooth
  • receding gum tissue
  • chronic bad breath

As you can see, going through root canal treatment is an important, and many times necessary, step to care for your smile. Our Saint Louis root canal dentists can answer any additional questions that you may have—just give us a call to get started!