Saint Louis Mini Dental Implant Dentist Reviews the Benefits of Mini Dental Implants

Written by Dr. Grayem on Mar 17, 2014

Losing a tooth prematurely is never a pleasant experience. The best thing that you, as a patient, can do after tooth loss is to find a restorative dentistry treatment that will enhance your smile. The good news is that our Saint Louis dentist office has a number of treatment options available to help you reclaim your smile. One of these options is the mini dental implant. If you are ready to learn more about how MDIs work, keep reading…

The structure of the mini dental implant is largely the same as the full-sized dental implant. A titanium base grounds the abutment and dental restoration into the patient’s jawbone. As you would imagine, mini dental implants are unique because they are smaller than conventional implants. Specifically, the implant root of a mini dental implant is much thinner than the conventional implant root, and thus easier to implant into the bone tissue. Because mini dental implants are so unobtrusive to implant, they actually require much less recovery time than conventional implants.

So how can mini dental implants help you to restore your smile?

1. As stand-alone replacement teeth

Our dental team can place a mini dental implant to replace a tooth in a space that is too small for a conventional implant. These mini dental implants will function as reliably and securely as a natural tooth.

2. Used in conjunction with dentures

Mini dental implants can alternatively be used to anchor dentures. With just a few well-placed mini dental implants (which are outfitted to snap into existing dentures), your dentures will feel more secure and stable than ever before.

Our Saint Louis mini dental implant dentist office can give you all of the information you need about restorative dentistry treatments. Please call our office to get started on your way to a healthy, restored smile.