Saint Louis Dentures Dentist Explains The Personalized Aspects Of Restorative Dentures

Written by Dr. Grayem on Jul 15, 2014

Missing teeth can cause huge problems for patients. That is why our Saint Louis dentists work so hard to help these patients find restorative dental options that work for them. One such option is the restorative denture.

Many patients, when they first come into our office, express concerns that their dentures, though functional, will not work aesthetically with their overall appearances. However, our dental team goes to great lengths to ensure that all of our patients end up with replacement teeth that they love, and that make them feel confident. Let’s talk about some of the ways we achieve this…

1. Achieving a natural and functional fit

This first step in the process is to craft a full arch prosthetic that fits securely over the patient’s gum tissue and jawbone. Our dental team will take a mold of your existing mouth, so that your denture can be custom fit to work with your smile.

2. Determining appropriate tooth shapes

Next, we’ll talk to you about what type of dental shape will best enhance your smile. Some patients naturally have more rounded teeth, while other people have teeth with squarer edges. When we design your dentures, we will use tooth shapes that look natural and attractive for you, specifically.

3. White, bright aesthetics

Importantly, the finish of your dentures will be bright, shiny, and exceptionally natural looking. When your dentures are in and complete, you will be able to smile confidently, with a customized cosmetic smile!

Modern dentures look and feel so much more natural than the dentures of years before—you will be amazed at how far they have come. If you are missing teeth, our Saint Louis dentures dentists are here to assess your smile, and make sure that you end up with replacement teeth that make you feel and look great.