Saint Louis Dentures Dentist Compares Attributes of Partial and Full Dentures

Written by Dr. Grayem on May 14, 2014

Saint Louis Dentures Dentist Compares Attributes of Partial and Full Dentures

If you are looking for more information about restorative dental treatments after tooth loss, our Saint Louis dentures dentist is here to help you learn as much as you can about tooth replacement options. Today’s article is specifically about restorative dentures—how are partial and full dentures different?

Both partial and full dentures are designed to replace teeth that have been prematurely lost. Patients love how these treatments allow them to eat and speak naturally again.

Here are some ways that partial and full dentures differ:

Full dentures are made to replace all of the patient’s teeth on either the top or bottom jaw. These dentures can completely restore a patient’s smile after severe and all-encompassing tooth loss. Partial dentures, on the other hand, are meant to replace multiple consecutive teeth, but not the entire row of teeth. Partial dentures can be made in a variety of sizes in order to meet your needs.

Attachment Method

Full and partial dentures are held in place by different mechanisms. Full dentures have bases that are crafted to fit snugly over the patient’s specific gum tissue. Patients also use specially formulated dental adhesive to keep full dentures in place. Partial dentures are stabilized by adjacent teeth. Partial dentures have small attachment pieces that connect to a patient’s natural teeth, and keep the partial denture from sliding around.

The type of dentures that is best for your smile will depend on the current state of your natural teeth, and your desired results. Our Saint Louis dentures dentist office is here to help all patients find the perfect treatment solutions for them.

You can call our dental team to schedule a consultation and get started restoring your smile. You can also get more information about your treatment options through our website—check it out!