Saint Louis Dentists Give Recommendations For Dental Care

Written by Dr. Grayem on Apr 21, 2015

If you want to protect your smile for years to come, the best thing that you can do is to optimize your oral hygiene routine. Our Saint Louis dentist office wants to help every one of our patients achieve and maintain their ideal smiles. Here are some specific tips that you can employ in order to safeguard your teeth…

1. Remember that water is your friend!

Drinking enough water is one of the absolute best things that you can do in order to care for your teeth and gums. When you drink water, you empower your body to produce saliva. And saliva is a natural substance that neutralizes bacteria and helps your enamel to re-mineralize.

Additionally, you can help to limit plaque accumulation by rinsing your smile after you eat and drink. The less time that food and drink sit on your enamel, the better chance you have of avoiding cavities and gum disease.

2. Don’t snack continuously throughout the day

After you eat or drink something other than water, the bacteria in your mouth are active—feeding and multiplying—for about 30 minutes. So it is better for your smile if you eat and drink at specific periods throughout the day, rather than constantly snacking.

3. Don’t skip those dental appointments

During your professional dental cleanings our dental team is able to clear away stuck on plaque and tartar, so that you have a fresh smile to maintain until your next appointment. Remember—plaque is invisible—so you need to keep up with these appointments even if you don’t think you have plaque on your teeth.

There are so many healthy habits that will help keep your smile in tip-top shape. Our Saint Louis dentists are here to support you as you optimize your oral health routine and achieve a healthy and beautiful smile.