Saint Louis Dentist Walks You Through Common Solutions To Existing Dental Damage

Written by Dr. Grayem on Apr 12, 2016

It is very likely that you will start to notice aesthetic problems and dental damage, in general, pop up as your smile gets older. The good news is that these issues need not be permanent. Our Saint Louis dentists are going to be walking you through some of the treatments that we commonly use to address structural dental damage as well as aesthetic problems.

One of the first issues that you may notice when your smile starts to change is dark and stained dental enamel. Our team can use professional whitening treatments to lighten these stains, and we can also cover the stained enamel using dental bonding or porcelain LUMINEERS.

You may also notice that your dental enamel accumulates cracks and chips. Again, dental bonding is a fast and effective way to fortify damaged dental enamel, and to give the smile a fresh, refinished appearance again. Porcelain LUMINEERS, which cover all of the visible portions of the affected tooth, can also make the tooth appear whole and unblemished.

Many dental patients find that, at some point, they have to seek treatment for a dental cavity. Our dental team eliminates small cavities, and then repairs the tooth with natural looking dental fillings. More substantial cavities may necessitate a dental crown to rebuild the missing portions of the tooth post-cavity-extraction. Dental cavities that have moved the way to the dental pulp and roots may require root canal therapy to extract.

When a patient is already missing teeth, our team helps them rebuild their healthy smile with tooth replacement options. Dental implants serve as stand-alone replacement teeth; these restorations are actually anchored in the person’s jawbone tissue with titanium roots. Dentures and bridges can replace multiple consecutive teeth with just one prosthetic. Our team will help you decide which treatment best suits your needs, if and when you are faced with the realities of tooth loss.

We know that dealing dental damage can seem daunting and insurmountable. But, our Saint Louis dentists hare here to make the entire process as simple and stress-free as possible for you—give us a call!