Saint Louis Dentist Supports Patients To Deal With Dental Anxiety

Written by Dr. Grayem on Nov 30, 2021

Too many patients, of all ages, find it difficult to get the dental care they need due to fear and anxiety. That is why our Saint Louis sedation dentists are so committed to providing stress-free, patient-first care that delivers real results. Keep reading to learn more…

Signs of Anxiety

Anxiety can manifest in a number of ways, and it’s important to stay vigilant for signs and symptoms, so that you can address it promptly with your dental team. You may be dealing with anxiety if…

  • You are living with dental pain or sensitivity long-term
  • You’re frequently rescheduling or canceling dental appointments
  • You find yourself minimizing or hiding dental problems so that you don’t have to “deal” with them
  • You’re dealing with stress dreams leading up to your appointment
  • You experience signs of panic like a racing heartbeat, sweating, or lightheadedness

Treatment for dental phobia is designed to alleviate symptoms, and increase confidence in and comfort with dental treatments of all kinds.

Oral Conscious Sedation

Anxious patients can benefit from oral conscious sedation: a treatment that is designed to increase feelings of ease and wellbeing in the dentist’s chair. This treatment is exceedingly simple to administer—you’ll simply take a small pill about an hour or 30 minutes before your appointment is set to begin. As the medication takes effect you will notice that you feel calm and worry-free. While you’ll be able to communicate with our dental team throughout the treatment process, you’ll be unlikely to remember these details once the sedative wears off. 

Open Communication

When you’re building an anxiety-management plan, don’t discount the importance of building a strong patient-dentist relationship. The more you’re able to ask questions, share about your experiences, and get support, the better you’ll feel in the dentist’s chair. Finding a dentist that you can trust can make a big difference!

If you are looking for a dental team that understands dental anxiety, and can help you get the care you need, then our Saint Louis dentists are here to help! The best way to get started is to give our office a call, or to use the Contact Us page on our site to submit your question.