Saint Louis Dentist Reviews Treatments For Serious Dental Problems

Written by Dr. Grayem on Aug 21, 2012

Not all oral health problems are created equal; some dental issues are simply more serious and severe than others. Because our Saint Louis dentist provide comprehensive dental care, we offer the treatments necessary to overcome even the most daunting dental issues. In today’s article we will be discussing these issues, as well as what kind of treatments are commonly employed to overcome them.

Let’s begin by discussing one of the first things that patients think about when they hear “serious dental problem”—an advanced cavity. When an infection (a cavity) as moved through the outer layers of the tooth—the enamel and the dentin—and reach the dental pulp and roots, it can become quite painful. In order to treat this type of cavity, our team needs to go into the tooth, remove the dental pulp and root, and then rebuild the tooth with a restoration: this process is called root canal therapy. Thanks to root canal treatment, our dentist can often save infected teeth that would otherwise need to be pulled.

It is also possible for teeth to become damaged due to accidents or traumas. If you are in a bike accident, for example, you could sustain dental damage. It is also very common to see dental damage related to sports injuries. Teeth that are cracked or chipped all the way to the inner core of the tooth will likely require a customized crown, and may necessitate root canal therapy.

Another very serious dental health issue is premature tooth loss. If you have lost teeth, either due to infection or an accident, it is of the utmost importance that you receive a replacement tooth in a timely manner—this is key for the appearance and the overall health of your smile. Individual dental implants can serve as stand-alone replacement teeth. Alternatively, our team can create full prosthetic (denture) to replace multiple consecutive teeth. We can even permanently ground this prosthetic in the jawbone using a few implant roots.

If you are dealing with serious dental damage, please feel free to call our Saint Louis dentists to learn more about your treatment options. We are here to help you smile confidently again!