Saint Louis Dentist Reviews Long-Term Problems Of Sleep Apnea

Written by Dr. Grayem on Feb 2, 2016

More and more patients are learning about obstructive sleep apnea, and coming to our Saint Louis dentists with questions about this troublesome condition. As the scientific and medical community learns more and more about how sleep apnea works, we are finding out that sleep apnea can really lead to some long-term problems for chronic sufferers.

You may already know that sleep apnea is annoying and tough to live with in the short-term. Sufferers are likely to deal with a number of daily problems and inconviences, including:

· Loud snoring—some people snore so loudly that they wake up their sleeping partners night after night!

· Headaches—especially in the morning and before bed

· Dry mouth—especially upon waking

· Disrupted sleep—fluctuations in blood oxygen levels, due to sleep apnea, make it difficult for patients to complete REM cycles. Some people even wake up in the middle of the night gasping for air.

If patients live with untreated sleep apnea in the long-term, they may have to deal with even more serious health issues in the future. Research has shown that chronic sleep apnea sufferers at a greater risk for dealing with:

· High blood pressure

· Heart disease

· Irregular heart beats

· Stroke

· Diabetes

· Memory and concentration problems/ADHD

· Depression—long-term sleep deprivation and poor quality of day to day life can really hamper sleep apnea sufferers

Unfortunately, CPAP machines, which patients need to wear when they sleep, often have low compliance rates. This means that many people living with sleep apnea are not actually getting the high-quality care that they need.

Our Saint Louis sleep apnea dentists offer effective solutions to treat sleep apnea, and help get your health back on track. Do you want more information or to schedule a consultation? Just call our Saint Louis dentist office to get started—we are here to support you through every step of the diagnosis and treatment process!