Saint Louis Dentist Reviews Common Causes of Dental Enamel Deterioration and Dullness

Written by Dr. Grayem on Sep 26, 2012

One problem that patients sometimes speak to our Saint Louis dentists about is a lack of luminosity or luster in their teeth. Over time your teeth ma begin to lose some of the glow that they had when they you were a child. There are a number of different processes that can dull teeth, and it’s important to understand what they are so that you can notify your dentist if you start to nice any changes with your dental enamel.

Here’s a review of common causes of dental discoloration as explained by our Saint Louis dental office.

Dental abrasion can make your teeth appear dull and make your gums feel sensitive. Dental abrasion is often caused by patients brushing too hard or using a toothbrush with overly firm bristles. Make sure to brush your teeth gently for at least two minutes to thoroughly clean your teeth and minimize the risk of dental abrasion.

Dental erosion can also dull the appearance of your teeth, and cause tooth and gum sensitivity. Erosion is actually caused by oral acids that are produced as you eat and drink throughout the day. To minimize the threat of acid erosion, try to rinse your teeth with water or a mouth rinse directly after eating. And make sure to clean your teeth thoroughly every morning and night.

The last threat to your luster of your dental enamel is something called dental attrition. Dental attrition is the result of your teeth rubbing against each other and wearing each other down. Patients with bruxism (a condition in which patients regularly grind and clench your teeth) are prone to dental attrition. Seek treatment for bruxism right away if you notice that you’re regularly clenching and grinding your teeth.

Working with a dentist you can keep your smile stunning and your enamel glowing. Please call our Saint Louis cosmetic dental office if you’d like to schedule your own consultation—we can help you maintain your smile for years to come!