Saint Louis Dentist Lists Dental Damage Red Flags To Look Out For

Written by Dr. Grayem on Jun 1, 2016

One of the things that our Saint Louis dentists really emphasize is that it is very important for patients to seek prompt dental treatment when oral health issues pop up. The sooner that you see a dentist after you notice a dental problem, the better your long-term dental prognosis.

In this article we are giving you some tips and information about spotting emerging dental damage before it gets out of control.

The number one thing to do is to keep up with your dentist-recommended schedule of professional dental cleanings. Here’s why: our dental team is well equipped to spot areas of dental decay and damage that may be hard for you to recognize on your own at home. The general recommendation is for dental patients of all ages to complete professional dental cleanings/appointments every six months; this timeline helps us stay on top of any changes to your dental health.

There are also a number of oral health changes that you may notice at home. If you notice these issues, you should reach out to your dental team for further guidance:

· Red, bleeding, or swollen gum tissue—this could be a sign of gum disease

· Hard-to-treat bad breath—oral infection of all kinds can leave your mouth feeling stale and malodorous

· Visible changes to your dental enamel—these may take the form of dark spots or cracks/chips

· Gaps between your gum tissue and your teeth—these are called periodontal pockets, and they happen when your gum tissue is infected and degrading

· Shifting teeth—if it seems like your teeth are moving along your gum line, this could be a sign that the underlying structure and tissues of your smile are weakening

If you do notice problems with your smile, don’t panic! Our Saint Louis dentists can help you get your oral health back on track, so that you can enjoy a health and confident smile for years to come. Please feel free to contact us by phone or through the Contact Us page of our website in order to get started.