Saint Louis Dentist Helps You Kiss Dental Damage Goodbye

Written by Dr. Grayem on Jul 3, 2012

If your smile is starting to look a little (or a lot) damaged, our Saint Louis dental team can help you overcome these dental issues, and reclaim a healthy and whole smile. In today’s short article we are talking about the various treatments that we use to help our patients rebuild and repair their smiles. Keep reading to learn more about your restorative dentistry options.

Cracked and Chipped Enamel

Let’s start by talking about how we treat dental cracks and chips—both of these problems are very common among dental patients of many ages. If you start to notice cracks and chips in your teeth, our team can help you by:

· Applying dental resin to cover and fill in these issues (this called dental bonding)

· Covering the enamel with porcelain veneers/LUMINEERS

· Placing a tooth-colored dental crown to repair a broken tooth


You could also notice that your smile looks dark or dull. This may be because your teeth have accumulated environmental stains—from foods, drinks, and tobacco—over time. Your teeth may also change color because your tooth is damaged.

Depending on the root cause of your discoloration our dental team may:

· Use professional whitening treatment to minimize existing dental stains. These topical whitening formulations are comfortable, effective, and fast.

· Cover your enamel with a full cosmetic restoration, like a veneer, or with dental resin through dental bonding. Both of these treatments allow our team to customize the shade of the resin or porcelain that we use.

Missing Teeth

To fill those holes in your smile, our dental team may recommend dental implants, which are stand-alone replacement teeth. We may also help you rebuild your smile using dentures or bridges. When you come in to speak to our dental team, we’ll help you determine the best way to move forward for your smile.

We have the treatment options that you need in order to regain oral health and stunning smile again! Give our Saint Louis dentists a call to get started.