Saint Louis dentist gives you the information you need to combat bad breath

Written by Dr. Grayem on Aug 27, 2013

If you have noticed that your breath is not feeling and smelling as fresh as it could, this blog entry is for you. Our Saint Louis dentist office understands that bad breath is a very common problem, and one that patients desperately want to solve. That’s why today we are giving you some tips and ideas on how to minimize, and eventually eliminate, bad breath.

The key culprit that causes odorous breath is dental infection and decay. If you have gum disease or dental cavities, you will probably find that you have hard-to-treat bad breath. In order to eliminate this problem, it is essential that you regain your oral health.

· Talk to your dentist about any restorative dental treatments you may require, and make sure to maintain your schedule of semi-annual preventative cleanings

· Brush at least twice a day (more if necessary), and floss at least once a day

· Talk to your dentist about any additional oral hygiene steps you should take—they may recommend mouth rinses or specialty toothpastes to meet your needs

In order to minimize the effects of bad breath in the short-term, you can:

· Rinse your mouth with water as much as possible

· Try not to use mints and gum—malodorous oral bacteria can actually feed on these substances!—rather, rinse or brush your teeth during the day to combat stale breath

· Avoid smelly foods like onions, garlic, and meats

In many cases, bad breath is actually a byproduct of bigger dental problems. So if you notice that your mouth isn’t feeling very fresh, seek out professional dental treatment in order to get the comprehensive care you need.

Our Saint Louis dentist office is here for you no matter what your dental needs. Call our dental team, or submit a question online, in order to get started!