Saint Louis Dentist Gives Patients Tips For Handling A Dental Emergency

Written by Dr. Grayem on Mar 15, 2016

It certainly seems like a paradox that the time when a dental patient most needs guidance is also a time that is difficult to prepare for; I’m talking, of course, about the dental emergency. Whether you chip a tooth, lose a tooth, or sustain an injury to your oral tissues, the key to effective emergency treatment is quick thinking and timely treatment.

In today’s article our Saint Louis dentists will be giving you some additional information about how you can best care for your smile after a dental emergency. Keep reading to learn more!

Let’s say, for example, that you have a tooth knocked out. The number one goal is to be able to reinsert the natural tooth into the smile, so that it reattaches to the patient’s oral tissues. In order to facilitate this outcome, you want to:

· See a dentist as soon as possible after dental trauma—within an hour if you can

· Keep the tooth moist, and the tooth root viable until you can seek treatment

Ø If the tooth fits back into the tooth socket, gently hold it in place there until your appointment

Ø If the tooth does not easily and comfortably go back into the gum tissue, put the tooth in milk to preserve it—try not to clear off too much of the natural tooth root

Alternatively, if you chip a tooth, you simply want to see a dentist promptly so that he or she can rebuild your damaged enamel. You can keep the chipped away portion of your tooth in order to give the dentist an idea of your tooth’s previous natural dental shape.

If you are experiencing sensitivity due to the chip, use a cold compress to numb that area of your mouth. Do not put aspirin or another painkiller directly on the broken tooth. Limit the foods and drinks that come into contact with your damaged enamel.

Prior to dealing with a dental emergency, you want to make sure that you know who, exactly, you will call for professional care. Our Saint Louis dentists are always here to help—so just give us a call to learn more!