Saint Louis Dentist Explains What Happens When Gum Disease Runs Rampant

Written by Dr. Grayem on Apr 26, 2015

Saint Louis Dentist Explains What Happens When Gum Disease Runs Rampant

Gum disease is a surreptitious, and extremely harmful, oral health problem that develops over time. When you suffer from gum disease, your oral tissues are infected with bacteria. This leads to inflammation, and destabilizes your smile.

In order to protect and care for your smile, you need to seek treatment for gum disease as soon as you notice it emerging. If you do not, gum disease will continue to develop, and cause a host of unwanted oral health problems.

In this article our Saint Louis dentists are giving you more information about the complications associated with periodontal disease.

When gum disease first emerges, you might notice that many problems or symptoms. This is because gum disease often progresses asymptomatically. If you do see changes to your smile, you might notice:

· That your gum tissue looks red or swollen

· Bleeding gum tissue when you floss

· Bad breath that is hard to conquer

As gum disease intensifies, and becomes periodontal disease, you will start to notice more drastic changes to your oral health.

· Your teeth may actually shift around in your mouth, because the connective tissues that hold them in place are weakening.

· Likewise, you might feel that your teeth are loose and shaky.

· As your gum tissue pull away from your teeth, you’ll start to develop periodontal pockets. These are gaps in the gum tissue collect bacteria and dental debris, leading further infection.

· Gum disease can even cause your bone tissue to start to deteriorate, as the infection spreads to the lower layers of your smile.

The sooner that you start battling existing gum disease (or better yet, preventing it from developing in the first place) the better off you’ll be. So Contact our Saint Louis dentists when you are ready to take control of your oral health and improve your smile!