Saint Louis Dentist Explains How to Care For Dental Enamel Day To Day

Written by Dr. Grayem on May 11, 2016

Your dental enamel can protect your smile from all sorts of dental damage and infections. Unfortunately, dental enamel can become weak and damaged over time, which makes your smile as a whole more likely to become damaged.

Today our Saint Louis dentists are going to talk to you about the properties of dental enamel, as well as what you can do to try and keep your enamel in tip-top shape.

Dental enamel is the white, sturdy outer covering of your tooth. Dental enamel covers and protects the inner layers of your tooth: the dentin and dental pulp. Because enamel is less porous than dentin and dental pulp, it is harder for oral bacteria and debris to get through to damage your tooth.

In order to keep your enamel as strong as possible you want to:

· Prevent oral bacteria from sitting on your teeth and weakening your dental enamel—this means minimizing the volume of sugary substances you eat and drink, cleaning your smile as recommended by your dentists, and drinking plenty of water every day.

· Protect your mouth from sudden damage and/or trauma—if you engage in contact/extreme sports, talk to our dental team about whether you should be wearing a protective mouth guard to protect your teeth.

· Put a stop to dental grinding—bruxism is a condition characterized by dental grinding and clenching of the teeth. Over time, the pressure put on your teeth from bruxism can cause your enamel to thin and cause micro-cracks. So, if you notice that you are grinding/clenching your teeth, please talk to your dentist about ways that you can protect your smile.

With proactive and thoughtful care, you can help your enamel stay healthy for years to come. As always, our Saint Louis dentists are here to give you the information and support that you need, so feel free to contact us to get started!