Saint Louis Dentist Explains How Oral Cancer Manifests As It Develops

Written by Dr. Grayem on Nov 8, 2022

Oral cancer can be very difficult for patients to deal with, both physically and emotionally. That is why our Saint Louis dentists strongly encourage patients to stay alert for signs of cancerous and pre-cancerous tissues in their daily lives. Prompt intervention and treatment can make all of the difference. With that in mind, contact your team if you notice…

Disrupted Healing

You definitely want to pay attention to any sores or injuries that develop on your smile; if they don’t seem to be healing within an appropriate amount of time, you should be screened by your dental team for signs of cancerous or pre-cancerous tissue. So how long is too long to wait? Speaking generally, you should see some improvement within a couple of weeks.

Changes in Color or Texture

Sometimes cancerous or pre-cancerous tissues look especially red or white when compared to surrounding healthy tissue. You may also notice slight textural irregularities: parts of your mouth that are bumpy, rough, or have uneven borders. Talk to your dental team if you notice any of these patches popping up in your mouth.

Discomfort & Unusual Sensations

We strongly encourage our patients to reach out to their dentists if they even experience persistent head/neck/mouth pain or discomfort. This can be a sign of dental injury, infections, and cancerous tissues. It’s just as important to schedule a screening if you find yourself dealing with other unaccounted for sensations, like numbness or tingling.

Don’t let oral cancer de-rail your smile for long. Our Saint Louis dentists are here to provide you with any additional information and support that you need to safeguard your smile. Give us a call to schedule your personal consultation!