Saint Louis Dentist Explains Different Treatments Used To Restore Teeth

Written by Dr. Grayem on Jun 28, 2016

If you are suffering from, or have previously suffered from, dental cavities or damage, our Saint Louis dentists provide the restorative treatment that you need in order to reclaim oral health. We actually offer a number of different restorative options, so that we can meet your specific needs.

Today we are providing an overview of the most commonly used of these treatments:

As you will see, all of these treatments have a few things in common…

· They all look natural once applied to the tooth—there are many materials that convincingly mimic the luminosity of natural dental enamel

· They are all hard and durable, so that they stand up to daily wear and tear of daily life, and last for years

· They are all customizable to blend with your natural enamel

The first treatment that we use to restore teeth is dental bonding. This restorative option delivers same-day, versatile results. During the treatment process our team applies dental resin to the appropriate spots on your tooth. Then we cure the resin using a special light, so that it hardens and bonds to the tooth.

We also use dental crowns to rebuild larger portions of missing teeth. Every crown is crafted to look like natural dental enamel. Once the crown is applied, your tooth looks whole, feels whole, and functions comfortably.

Another option is the porcelain LUMINEER. LUMINEERS are very thin restorations that are applied over all the patient’s visible dental surface. Once LUMINEERS are attached to your enamel, they make your teeth look white, whole, and unblemished. These restorations are used to achieve structural and cosmetic results.

Our Saint Louis dental team is here to help you choose the best restorative treatments for your smile, specifically. Feel free to call our team for additional information!