Saint Louis Dental Implant Dentist Reviews The Ways that Dental Implants Can Be Used In Conjunction with Other Dental Appliances

Written by Dr. Grayem on May 8, 2012

If you lose a tooth, you want to know that you’ll be able to find a tooth replacement solution that fits your lifestyle, budget, timeline, and dental goals. That’s why our Saint Louis dental implant dental office offers so many replacement tooth options for patients today. From dentures, to bridges, to dental implants, you’ll be able to find a tooth replacement treatment that works for you—and you wont have to live with that hole in your smile forever.


Now dental implants have revolutionized the dental world, because they are the first replacement tooth option that looks and feels like a natural tooth. Dental implants are anchored into the jawbone with small titanium screws, and then capped with natural looking restorations. Over time the titanium bonds to the natural bone, forming a tooth root similar to a patient’s natural tooth root.


Dental implants are a great tooth replacement option for anywhere from one tooth to an entire smile. If, however, you already have dentures or bridgework that you’re pleased with, you can actually use dental implants to enhance your existing replacement teeth.


Dental implants can be strategically placed along the gumline to anchor bridges or dentures. With a few dental implants, you’ll find that your dentures/bridges feel more stable in your mouth, and are more natural to wear. Additionally, dental implants can help take the strain off of your existing natural teeth, as without the dental implants, your natural teeth would still be responsible for holding the dentures or bridges in place.


Dental implants don’t need to replace dentures or bridges, they can actually be used with them to increase functionality and appearance. If you already have dentures that you love, they can most likely be retrofitted to work with dental implants.

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