Saint Louis Dental Implant Dentist Provides Concise Glossary of Relevant Terms

Written by Dr. Grayem on Jun 21, 2016

Dental implant treatment can seem a little daunting and difficult to understand when patients first hear about it. Our Saint Louis restorative dentists are here to help you learn everything that you need to know about restorative dental implants. That is why today we are reviewing some of the technical terms that you may hear when researching dental implants. We hope that you find this useful!

First of all, to quickly review, a dental implant is a replacement tooth that, unlike other prosthetics, is actually grounded in the patient’s jawbone tissue. A dental implant actually has a replacement root as well as a visible portion.

So when you hear the term “implant root,” the person is talking about the small screw or post that holds your entire replacement tooth in place. These replacement tooth roots are made of titanium, and once they are in place, they are not visible.

The “crown” is the visible restoration that looks like your natural tooth. This part of the replacement tooth sits above you gum line, and allows you to eat, speak, and chew normally. These restorations are generally crafted from porcelain.

There is another small piece of the dental implant called the “abutment.” This part of the implant basically connects the implant root to the crown.

When you are learning about the benefits of dental implants, you may hear the term “osseointegration.” Osseointegration is the process by which the titanium of your implant root actually bonds to your natural bone tissue. Dental implant roots are made of titanium precisely because titanium can osseointegrate with human bone tissue.

Do you have additional questions about the particulars of dental implant treatment? If so, please contact our Saint Louis dental implant dentists for additional information and to schedule your personal consultation!