Saint Louis Dental Implant Dentist Explains The Basics Of Mini Dental Implants

Written by Dr. Grayem on Jun 5, 2012

If you’re interested in tooth replacement options, then you have probably heard about dental implant technology. A specific type of dental implant, the mini dental implant, helps patient achieve specific dental health objectives. In this article our Saint Louis mini dental implant dentists are going to provide you with information about how mini dental implant functions.

Mini dental implants have thinner titanium roots than conventional dental implants. What does this mean for you?

· Mini implant roots are easier (read: less stressful for bone tissue) to place than traditional implant roots

· Mini implant roots, therefore, do not require lengthy post-treatment healing time, while traditional dental implant roots do

· Our dental team can place the implant root and the implant crown in one appointment when placing mini dental implants

Mini dental implants, rather than full-sized implants, are also used in a few specific situations. Here are a few examples of when we often turn to mini dental implants:

· Mini dental implants are used to ground and permanently affix dentures into the patient’s jawbone. Mini implant titanium roots “lock” into the base of the patient’s denture—keeping the prosthetic in place 24/7

· Mini implants can also be great for patients with dental patients with diminished bone density

· Sometimes dentists use mini dental implants to anchor replacement teeth that need to be particularly thin, or that need to sit in a very narrow space along the gum line

Our dental team is here to help you figure out what type of replacement tooth is going to work well for your smile, and your oral health in general. When you are ready to get started, our Saint Louis dental implant dentists are here to explain the ins and outs of dental implant treatment in general, and mini dental implants, specifically. We look forward to speaking with you!