Saint Louis Cosmetic Dentist Office Helps Patients Get Beautiful Smiles With Patient-Friendly Veneer

Written by Dr. Grayem on Feb 20, 2013


There are a number of cosmetic dental problems that keep patients from smiling confidently every day. Whether you suffer from chipped enamel, gaps between your teeth, or a stained smile, dental veneers may be able to help you regain a brilliantly white and beautiful smile. Patients love porcelain veneers because they deliver stunning results without a lot of hassle for the patient.

Our Saint Louis cosmetic dentists are often able to complete the veneers treatment process in only two or three appointments—meaning that you can get the smile you want and get on with our regular life. Many patients choose veneers because they don’t want to have to wait for months or years for their smile to look straighter or whiter.

Once your veneers are placed they are easy to care for in the long-term. With proper care veneers can sometimes last up to a decade before they need to be replaced. How should you care for your veneers? Make sure to brush and floss them just as you’d brush and floss your natural teeth. Also, see your dentist for regular cleanings and check-ups at least twice a year. Because dental veneers are attached to your teeth, you won’t take them out to rinse them in a special solution or treat them with specialized tools.

Veneers allow you to consume your favorite foods and drinks without concern. And because porcelain is naturally stain-resistant your smile will stay white and bright for years to come. If you are going to use dental veneers for a few teeth, while leaving other natural teeth visible, you may want to have your natural teeth whitened before you receive your dental veneers. Porcelain does not whiten with professional whitening formulas, so your veneers should be preemptively shaded to match your whitened smile.

Veneers are a hassle-free cosmetic option for all kinds of dental patients. To learn more or to get started with your personal consultation, call our Saint Louis cosmetic dentist office today!