Saint Louis Cosmetic Dentist Reviews Different Ways to Whiten a Dulling Smile

Written by Dr. Grayem on Feb 20, 2013

Over time white, bright dental enamel can become stained and streaked with dark spots. Some of this age related—as enamel ages, it exposes more of the darker inner levels of the tooth. Additionally, as we eat and drink, we continually expose our dental enamel to staining substances. Discolored dental enamel can make your smile appear much older than it actually is. Our Saint Louis cosmetic dentists provide cosmetic dentistry treatments to refresh the appearance of aging teeth and help you smile proudly.

Depending on the level and type of staining that you experience, you may benefit from different cosmetic treatments. The two most commonly used cosmetic treatments are dental whitening treatments and dental veneers. Here’s how they work…

Professional whitening formulas are applied to teeth in-office. They stay on the teeth for a prescribed period of time—which will vary depending on the formulation used and the extent of your dental discoloration. These treatments work to lessen surface stains—they can actually bleach enamel beyond its natural state of whiteness.

Dental veneers cover, rather than lighten, natural enamel. Veneers are especially useful for patients who are suffering interior dental discoloration, or hard to treat enamel stains. Veneers can be placed in only two or three appointments, and they deliver stunning, seamless-looking results.

Of course these treatments can be used in combination to treat different types and levels of staining on different teeth. At your cosmetic consultation we can talk more about what kind of dental whitening treatments might be right for your situation and timeline.

If you’ve noticed dental discoloration or darkening, please know that you have options! You don’t have to keep living with a smile that you don’t love—we’re here to help you! Give us a call to schedule a cosmetic consultation with our Saint Louis cosmetic dentists, today!