Saint Louis Cosmetic Dentist Answers Your Questions About the Process of Dental Bonding

Written by Dr. Grayem on Jun 18, 2013

If you are starting to notice some aesthetic problems with your smile, our Saint Louis cosmetic dentist office can help. We offer a wide range of treatments to help you rejuvenate your smile and enjoy fresh, young-looking teeth again. Today we are talking about the cosmetic treatment of dental bonding. Read on to learn more about how this treatment works.

Q: How does dental bonding improve the appearance of my tooth?

A: The dental bonding process involves applying dental resin to the affected tooth in order to improve the appearance or structure of the tooth. Dental resin—shaded to match your natural tooth shade—is applied to your tooth and then cured. Once the resin has set, you are good to go with a fresh and clean looking smile!

Q: How long does it take to complete the dental bonding process?

A: The entire dental bonding process can usually be completed in just one dental visit. Many patients choose dental bonding specifically because it is fast and efficient.

Q: What can dental bonding do? Is it right for me?

A: Our dentist can help you determine whether dental bonding is right for you when we see you at your first appointment. Dental bonding is often used to close gaps between teeth, give teeth more pleasing and proportional shapes, lighten dark dental enamel, and repair cracks and chips in teeth. If you want to fix any of those common dental problems, dental bonding may be the best option for you!

You can keep your smile sparkling and healthy with simple dental bonding treatments. Our Saint Louis cosmetic dentist office is here to walk you through the process and help you decide whether dental bonding is right for your specific needs. Feel free to give our office a call to get started today!